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  • ACS-Hach High School Chemistry Classroom Grant

    ACS-Hach High School Chemistry Classroom Grant

    All high school chemistry educators teaching in a U.S. or U.S. territory school have the opportunity to request up to $1,500 that can be used towards laboratory equipment and supplies, instructional materials, professional development, student-conducted field studies, or student-led science outreach events. With over 700 past recipients, the ACS-Hach...
  • Pets in the Classroom Grant

    Pets in the Classroom Grant

    Having a classroom pet teaches students to be caring and responsible. Applicants who meet all of the qualifications outlined WILL RECEIVE A GRANT by The Pet Care Trust.  Pre-K through 9thgrade public and private school teachers in the US or Canada are welcome to apply up until 6/1/19. Grantees...
  • Sustainable Jersey for Schools Grants Program

    Sustainable Jersey for Schools Grants Program

    Sustainable Jersey for Schools is a certification program for New Jersey public schools that want to go green, conserve resources and take steps to a bright future, one school at a time. In 2019, Public Service Enterprise Group, more commonly referred to as PSEG, will be awarding $100,000 in...
  • The McCarthey Dressman Education Foundation

    McCarthey Dressman Teacher Development Grants

    The McCarthey Dressman Education Foundation provides Teacher Development Grants for individual teachers or small teams working in K-12 education. The Foundation values professional training and growth. The grants allow educators to implement new teaching methods and strategies in the classroom. Recipients are expected to share findings with peers as...
  • Teaching Tolerance Educator Grants

    Teaching Tolerance Educator Grants

    Here’s a nationwide grant that you can apply to at any time! Teaching Tolerance Educator Grants support schools, classrooms, and districts that embrace and embed anti-bias principles. Preference is given to projects that focus on student experience. K-12 educators in public schools, private schools, alternative schools, and therapeutic schools...
  • bille-jean-foundation-grant

    Billie Jean King Foundation Grants

      There have been many words to describe Billie Jean King; visionary, pioneer, and legend just to name a few. As a tennis champion and social activist, she lives her life according to the principles of equality, empowerment, and access. The Billie Jean King Foundation was created to “inspire...
  • Inspire Special Event Grant (Literacy)

    Inspire Special Event Grant (Literacy)

    Existing public middle and high schools are welcome to apply for a special grant opportunity which will allow them to organize events and activities encouraging reading and literacy. The funds should be put towards projects that will inspire students to discuss books, authors, and literacy in general.   Submit...
  • Inspire Collection Development Grant (School Libraries)

    Inspire Collection Development Grant (School Libraries)

    This grant is catered for public middle and high schools that exhibit a need for updated library resources in order to enhance students’ learning experience. Marina “Marney” Welmers, an AASL member and retired middle school librarian, makes a generous donation so that schools can purchase materials to extend the...
  • ecoSTEM Resource Kits

    The Captain Planet Foundation offers a unique grant for teachers where they can apply for their awesome STEM resource kits. The kits are designed to promote investigation, observations, data collection, and so much more in the classroom. Each of the 4 kit options provides enough materials for 32 students....
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